About Us

The Party Parlour is owned and operated by us – Kim and Jodie. As sisters, we have combined our backgrounds in design, sales, marketing, business administration and most importantly motherhood and sisterhood to develop a business that we just love to be in.

The Party Parlour started with the thought that creating imaginative and wonderfully coordinated kids parties shouldn’t be such hard work. When we were creating parties for our own children, we usually didn’t have much trouble finding great party ideas – magazines were always such a great source of inspiration, and our kids always kept us on our toes with their imaginative creations of what they wanted for their special celebration.

We did however always struggle to find products that were a little different from those you see in the supermarket and traditional outlets – products that coordinated well, and products that were well priced. On occasion due to our tenacity we would track down a wonderful item only to find out that we had to drive many kilometers and then needed to buy an entire carton of the item – you just don’t need 500 gorgeous pink party bags for one party, no matter how hard you try to justify it.

We started to ask many of our friends and anyone else that would listen, the following question?

When you organize a child’s party, what is it you want?

There was a common thread running through the answers :

“We want the day to be special for our child”
“We want our party to be a little different – we want some flexibility”
“We want the shopping to be easy – we don’t want to spend a lot of time finding everything we need.”
“We want a source of great ideas suitable to the age of our children”
“We want to easily recreate some of the ideas we see in magazines”.
It was at this point we decided to begin our search to source great party products and bring them to you at party appropriate prices.

We spent the best part of 12 months sourcing a range of products that we hope you’ll love. We are continually updating our range. We have party invitations, stickers, party tableware, decorations, party bags and boxes, party toys, hard-to-find lollies, ribbons and cords and wrapping papers which we use as both table runners and for gift wrapping. All products coordinate with each other thereby allowing you to mix and match items and create your own special coordinated look.

Once we had the products covered, we thought that our business idea wouldn’t be complete without great party ideas to start you thinking about your child’s celebration.

We then developed some traditional theme parties such as fairies and farmyards as well as some quick and easy coordinated looks to get you started. Our idea was that they could prompt you in creating your own design or alternatively for those of you that liked exactly what we had done, the shopping lists that we have compiled make it super quick and easy for you to decide what you need and then you place your order with us.

We recognize that it is not enough to just have great party products and ideas for a business to be successful, so before we launched to you, we made sure that we organized an easy ordering and delivery system aimed at getting the goods to you quickly.

By offering our products and ideas to you at the one location – our online store – it has made it quick and easy for you to find lots of great products and ideas for parties without even having to leave home. We hope you embrace this new way of shopping and invest a little time in getting to know our website.

Our hopes are that our products and party ideas allow you to design the party you have in mind for your child and that by taking some of the stresses out of the planning process, we help you to really enjoy celebrating the day with your child and their special guests.

We hope The Party Parlour helps you to create not just great parties, but wonderful memories that you and your child will treasure for many years.