Balloon Garlands are an eye catching party decorating trend for parties and celebrations at the moment and these ones don’t require helium! Here are some quick and easy solutions to help you style and create this latest trend for your next celebration.

rainbow linking balloon garland


The clever girls at Poppies For Grace have created some DIY kits that make it oh so easy to create colour themed balloon garlands.


white balloon garland display

This display created by Poppies for Grace uses the DIY white balloon garland kits.


pink linking balloon garland party table

This party table created by Poppies for Grace features the Pink Shimmer Linking Balloon Kit with the Pink Shimmer Streamer Curtain used as a backdrop.

rainbow linking balloon garland Pink Shimmer Linking Balloon Garland

handsome linking balloon garland metallic linking balloon garland

These linking balloons are easy to inflate, assemble and hang and we stock them in 4 colours. Rainbow, Pink Shimmer, Handsome and Metallic.


white balloon garlandThis white balloon garland is perfect for baby showers, christenings, milestone birthdays and bridal occasions.


Poppies for Grace have created some fabulous DIY videos to show you how.


Watch this video to see how to create a linking balloon garland.

Watch this video to see how to create this fabulous balloon garland featuring balloons of differing sizes.