Latex Balloons

It isn’t a party without balloons! See our gorgeous colour range of plain coloured latex balloons. All are available in 12 cm and 30cm and many in 60cm as well. Mix and match colours to create a look just right for your party.
You can use different sized balloons to create balloon garlands. Mix 12cm, 30cm and 60cm balloons to create a bespoke garland. You can create a balloon table runner by tying together 12cm latex balloons.
You can also buy our ready mixed balloon colour packs that include different shades of the one colour to make it so easy to create beautiful party decorations.

Latex Balloons

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Latex balloons can be used them to decorate a party in many ways. Here are a few idea for you :

  • Create helium filled bunches and use as table centrepieces. This will add height and interest to any party table.
  • Produce air-filled bunches of balloons to decorate your party space. Use bunches of 3 or 5 balloons and attach to the ends of bunting, to window frames, door frames and staircases.
  • Inflate loads of balloons and scatter them on the party room floor to add colour, movement and fun to the space.
  • Construct DIY balloon garlands by mixing and matching different sizes (12cm, 30cm and 60cm) colours and patterns of latex balloons to suit your party theme.
  • Tie a bunch to the letterbox to announce “the party is here”.
  • use small 12cm balloons in different colours to create a balloon garland table centrepiece.
  • add bunches of 12cm balloons to hoop party decorations.
  • create a bunch of 3 or 5 12cm balloons and at to the ends of bunting garlands for added WOW factor.
  • use bunches of 5 12 cm balloons and attach to window frames, door frames and staircases.
  • scatter a selection of these tiny 12cm balloons on party and cake tables.
  • add colour to a fillable acrylic cake stand with these small 12cm colourful balloons
  • Our Latex balloons are high quality and can be air or helium filled. We suggest using a hand balloon pump to inflate these balloons.

    Latex balloons are made of natural thick rubber latex and are 100% biodegradable. This makes balloons durable and sturdy.