Mermaid Parties

Mermaid Parties are the perfect party theme for year round fun. You can combine a mermaid theme party with a pool party in summer time or create an under the sea world indoors in the cooler months.
The key colours to recreate a mermaid party are shades of aqua blue and teal. For a softer pastel look try adding pinks and lavender to a mermaid theme.
For a more modern mermaid theme add fluorescent colours in oranges and pinks.
Any colour theme you choose will come to life with the addition of anything iridescent. It adds the the sparkle and shine that is needed for shimmery underwater fun.

If you’re looking for inspiration check out the mermaid party ideas we have featured here which use varying colour palettes. Each one outlines a list of mermaid partyware and decorations that will help you easily create the look you want.