Rainbow Parties

Rainbow Parties are the perfect party theme when you don’t have a specific theme in mind but love the idea of creating a colourful, fun atmosphere for your guests using colour.

You can create this theme for a first birthdays, baby showers or any age birthday party for girls and boys. It is a fantastic theme when you are creating a party catering to the needs of boys and girls.

Your rainbow party colour scheme can use every shade of the rainbow in brights or pastel shades. Adding lots of white to this theme really freshens the overall look so consider white tablecloths that will be punctuated with all the colourful partyware and decorations you select.

If you’re looking for more inspiration take a peek at the rainbow party ideas we have featured here. They all use a rainbow colour palette but vary in the tones and shades. For each rainbow party idea we outline a list of gorgeous rainbow party ware and decorations you’ll need to easily create the perfect rainbow party.