Blue and Iridescent Cake Plates (10)

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This Blue and Iridescent Cake Plate is no ordinary blue ombre foil dot cake plate. The ombre colour and iridescent foil dots make it a perfect choice for kids parties, cocktail events, and picnics.

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Anywhere thereโ€™s cake, there should be Blue and Iridescent Cake Plates to serve it up on! Bring the sensation of calm and the feeling of royalty to your next special occasion.
Perfect for birthdays, christenings, evening garden parties, baby showers, bridal showers, and more. These blue foil dot plates are durable and stylish. Cake is not this dessert plateโ€™s only perfect companion, use these blue iridescent party plates to serve hors dโ€™oeuvres that look even more delicious when set upon the blue ombre background with dotted foil, which subtly and softly shifts colours like a rainbow.
Choose these Blue Iridescent Dessert Plates for there high-quality craftsmanship, designed with thick paper card stock, measuring 7 inches in diameter.
Handily packaged in a set of 10, the Blue Iridescent Dessert Plate features a splash of decadent confetti, simply perfect for serving your snacks and party treats.
The sparkling, metallic sheen of the confetti dots makes these plates, with their sleek decagon-edging, even more eye-catching and are the perfect accessory when planning a baptism, a first birthday party or even an anniversary dinner.

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